More Plus Please!

More than 50% of us are plus size… but when we look at magazines, TV, the catwalk… there are no plus size women. Help us change this.

Where Are The Plus Size Women?

 At navabi we sell clothing in sizes 14+. We’re proud of our ethos that fashion should not be limited by size. But every time we open a magazine or turn on the TV, we’re reminded the ‘industry’ does not always agree with us, we believe it’s time to change that.


More than 50% of women are plus size. Yet often when we advertise in magazines, our models are the only plus size women there. When we advertise on TV, our ads often feature the only plus size women in the ad break. If 50% of us are plus size, why are we so hidden in the media? It should not be like this.

The Stats

To illustrate the issue, we surveyed 12 of the most popular women’s magazines in the UK, all purchased during the same week. We counted the number of ‘model size’ women, and the number of plus size women. Plus size is sometimes defined as 16+, but for the survey we were ‘generous’ in our definition and included curvy women like Holly Willoughby and Kim Kardashian. We excluded those who fell in between model size and plus size, and excluded any head and shoulder only shots. Here are the results:

The Stats: Images of Women in Articles

editorial plus size percentage

The Stats: Images of Women in Ads

advertising plus size percentage

The percentage of plus size women is just as poor in ads as it is in articles (click the green dot to see). In other words: It’s not just an editorial issue. In fact we find many stylists and editors want to feature a fairer representation of women.

How To Change This

Fashion writers have proven for the most part welcoming to plus size stories, as evidenced by the widespread coverage of plus size model Ashley Graham. But until we all push harder to change this, those percentages will remain in single figures:

  • Until designers include more size diversity in their shows.
  • Until brands produce samples beyond size 8.
  • Until we all stand up and say “We want a fairer representation”, and ask for more plus size women in the media.

So please join us, and say #MorePlusPlease.

Share this page, and share the video, on Twitter and on Facebook with the hashtag ‘#MorePlusPlease’ to tell brands, designers, and the media that you want to see more plus size women and a fairer representation.