You probably ended up here because of the cover stories – let us tell you what it’s all about. More than 50% of us are plus size… but when we look at magazines, TV, the catwalk… there are no plus size women. Help us change this.

Would you like to see fairer representation of plus size women in the fashion industry? To be able to choose from big name designer collections in your size? To see plus size women represented in the media? We would, at navabi we do not think fashion should be limited by size and that’s why we set up MorePlusPlease.


Covers >

Did you know only 2 per cent women featured in leading fashion magazines are plus size and yet we make up 50 per cent of the population. At navabi we sell clothing in size 14+ and we believe it should be the norm for plus size women to appear in magazines and on their covers. Rather than wait for magazines to come round, we chose some of our favourite bloggers and put them on the covers ourselves.


Manifesto >

To further the cause of plus size, and to help editors, designers, fashion brands, non-plus bloggers, and the general public to further the cause with us, we have defined the following Plus Size Manifesto. ‘Plus Size’ does not exist within a bubble. We believe by following this manifesto, we can influence the wider world, and help achieve a better society for plus size women, and for the young girls who look up to them.


MorePlusPlease Stickers >

You know the feeling, you’re on the way to work and you see yet another fashion advertising campaign for whom you and the majority of women don’t exist. Ever felt you’d like to feed back? Here’s your opportunity.

The Stats

To illustrate the issue, we surveyed the most popular women’s magazines in Germany and the UK, all purchased during the same week. We counted the number of ‘model size’ women, and the number of plus size women. Plus size is sometimes defined as 16+, but for the survey we were ‘generous’ in our definition and included curvy women like Holly Willoughby and Kim Kardashian. We excluded those who fell in between model size and plus size, and excluded any head and shoulder only shots. Here are the results:


The Stats: Images of Women in Articles in the UK




The Stats: Images of Women in Articles in Germany


Please join us, and say #MorePlusPlease.

Share this page, and share the video, on Twitter and on Facebook with the hashtag ‘#MorePlusPlease’ to tell brands, designers, and the media that you want to see more plus size women and a fairer representation.